The wind solar hybrid street lamp,have the dual advantages of both wind and solar

Do you know why it’s windy outside, but this wind power generation equipment in such a slowly rotating conditon? For the following battery has 'full' and staff told reporters that if the battery "over-charge " phenomenon, the wind wheel is automatically stopped.

Solar hybrid street lighting equipment with the use of the dual advantage of wind and solar, no wind can save electricity by solar cells, wind and no sun, when all permanent magnetic suspension by wind turbines to generate electricity, 'wind and solar ' are available, they can generate electricity together.

In front of the company's solar hybrid street lighting equipment, journalists found that the set of equipment, on the top is the wind turbine body, then solar panels, the following is the street. The staff told reporters that the  outside is windy, but this wind power generation equipment rotating slowly, because of the following batteries have "full", and the wind wheel is automatically "brake" to protect the battery.

 Do not neet to manually handle the switch, intelligent controller will automatically sense changes in light dawn darkness outside, to achieve automatic control, and the brightness is adjusted based on the actual situation of the using place.

Engineers said that because the complementary use of light and wind, and a single photovoltaic or wind power is higher than the stability and reliability, can be widely applied to the lamp, home power generation, power boats, large and medium power station

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